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Can someone confirm?

I have all the previous GOW games on 360 so would I be entitled to play them on Backwards Comp anyway?  Is that right or are they limiting this to people who have just purchased the Ultimate edition?

I have purchased the ultimate edition and finished it in about a day and as there is no Horde mode I'm wandering why it was £30, should have been £20 at the most with online very difficult and glitchy whats the replay value?  Like a fool I downloaded it so I have no way of trading or swapping.

All depends on my previous queen really if the backward comp is limited to the purchase of the Ultimate edition then ok otherwise I dont understand the price or incentive as most Gears fans will have old versions anyway.

Well, thats my little rant for the day. Not sure if anyone else feels the same?


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As of this point the only backwards comp is the original GOW. Why I don't know??? They haven't said anything about part 2, 3 or judgment. I pretty sure there only focus was the ultimate edition and now just gearing up for the release of GOW 4 in 2016.

It has been posted by Xbox Wire Staff,

That we will get the Entire Gears Collection. GOW 1/2/3 & Judgement, and it says in the post, for Xbox One. which means they will all be Backwards Compatible, eventually.

Post in question.


Ahh... thanks for the link.

they will all become available later in November when the program is available to everyone.  This is Gears 1.. of course there isnt any Horde.. the entire Gears 1 UE was remade so 40bucks is legit and yes you are the fool for not doing your own research -.-