2 Things - Please read!

okay so my first thing is a problem because as a crew leader when i take a photo i want to be able to upload it right? but when i take a photo then click confirm it says "online service is disabled on your account" im a good sport - signed up on social club - old enough to play & my social club has my correct age but i have no idea how to solve this? help perhaps?

2nd - i would LOVE someone to join my crew and create 2/3 emblems for us (images off google that i have picked) as i have watched he tutorial on youtube yet it does not work for me - i will gladly give someone a Microsoft points code/£10/$10 code but nobody seems to do it for me & my crew...the tutorial shows it takes about 5-8 mins per image i guess but it wont let me upload it to rockstar? i can create my own and save it but not upload an image and save it

if you are willing to do the emblem for me please message me online or post on here it will be appreciated MASSIVELY! 

Thanks Roar :)


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1) Did you take any pictures that would be deemed inappropriate? I saw a couple of images taken by people on Socialclub that I thought were NSFW so I'm guessing other people might take it that way too?


2) There is a section for that.




It is called "Clan Discussion" and it where the moderators of the Xbox.com forums would like all clan-related "traffic" to be placed. I would not advertise that you will be paying Microsoft point cards as a form of currency for a service. Could get you in some trouble with the XBL PET and get you banned. Believe me; I've seen a lot of people get banned because of that! Also, I don't know if this is the best place for you to ask for this. You should try GTAForums.com or some other GTA-based website for better results. I'm sure someone on the socialclub may even be able to help.

I am not breaking any rules by offering MY code for a service that isn't a hack and people can't get banned for outing me up a image...requesting an image for my crew is nothing to do with clan chat, if anything it is graphics discussion and GTA V related - its not like I was offering hacked lobby's or glitches in return, I was simply offering to give someone a code for an image & if I was to just give a code to my friend then why would I get banned for that?

You don't hand out codes over the forums regardless of whether you think it is OK or not. "Sale or receipt of services". You will give someone a 10-pound MSP card in exchange for a service: making you a crew emblem.


"2nd I would love someone to JOIN MY CREW and..." the minute you said that it is considered clan discussion now and therefore, clan-related.


You would not get banned for giving a code to your friend. You would be banned, however, if you gave the code to someone in exchange for a service, aka "receipt of services".

Legend you might be being a little harsh. Let him post what he wants if he gets in trouble, then thats his problem. Nice of you to let him know that he could get in trouble though. Pictures, ok OP you need to go into your privacy setting and allow sharing and open the one up for sharing with 3rd party internet sites. I think there is two things you have to open. If your still having a problem then contact x box and they can guide you through this. Also there are other threads where this post would be better suited for, rather than a new one.

I get like this when I'm right or want to help someone yet they don't want it. I'm trying to help him not land in a 3-day forum suspension like I did once or worse. Couldn't get on forums for a few days. Reason: profanity.

I understand.

[quote user="LegendOfGta"]

I get like this when I'm right or want to help someone yet they don't want it.


That's the thing... if someone does not want something, they do not want it and should be left at that. I understand you are trying to to help, but nobody likes things forced upon them.