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Just wondering if the online community is still fairly active? I rented this just after it was realesed so quite a few people were playing and online was great fun so hopefully people are still playing. Secondly, if someone has all the Dlc and I don't will I be allowed to play with them as SvR 2011 won't let you do that so i was wondering if it was the sam

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Yes,the online community is still active,but probably not as many people play online than when the game came out. And yes, you can play with people that have dlc characters.

Specially with WWE 12 about to come out most will be transitioning over to that game now, especially with the impressive roster


speakin of the roster here is the up to date list,  and also just announced pro wrestilng insider has learned that Brock Lesnar will be announced as a legend in the game,  this explains why Lesnar and Dana White met with WWE a couple of months back