2 questions

1. Where can i find purple regal dye i need it for the last item in the secret shop.


2. How do i become normal again i don't want to be good or evil and right now i am evil. So how do i go back to being normal?


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1. In the Fairfax gardens, trade with dye merchants or clothes merchants. Try several times if they don't have it in stock.

2. Donate money to Light or give money to the begger on the Bowerstone bridge, you'll be a good person again.

ok i have 2 more questions

1. is there a end to exp or can you collect infinite amounts of exp

2. same thing for money is there a end to that or no

sorry i have not played this game in along time just bought it again last week.

I'm very glad to help u. There's no end to EXP or money.  But I've seen someone who has too much money that appears in negative numbers.

ok last question i defeated the game with my second hero. I chose the middle wish so i could stay normal. so everything was in the middle than a few hours later my moral bar is going down. i have killed no guards or citizens at all or stolen nothing.

so what is causing my top bar to go down? *(not the bottom one)

have u done anything evil? for example , you still stay in a house when the host wants to go to bed.

um no i never sleep though could that be it?

Not sleeping won't affect it but the foods that you consume will.

Basically think of it like this, Meat makes you corrupt and in some cases evil, Vegetarianism makes you pure.

Also, scaring people unintentionally also will drop your morality bars without you even realizing it.

I've made it practice not to even wield a weapon in town anymore. Just keep in mind that most people fear magic and giant dudes with giant-er weapons. If you want to be pure and just you can't just play the part, you have to look it too.

ok no wonder why i always run into people while im running and sometimes pull out my weapon by accident. thank you