2 questions, how do i increase my stamina and..

how to i get the skills so i can upgrade my weapons, i cant sprint for long because my stamina bar runs out quickly, thanks


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Increase Stamina by choose Stamina when you level up. You always have the choice between Magic/Health/Stamina.


Smithing and Enchanting are the skills used for upgrading weapons...


You can also find enchanted items like rings and necklaces that will boost stamina as well. I can only recall the location of one item though that does that and it's a daedric quest.

bloody hell i had the rings and dropped them somewhere lol

Oooh that's not good lol. For real though every time you rank up you can choose stamina and I've found all kinds of items that boost stamina in Skyrim so explore! lol

if you really like sprinting you should enchant a set of armor with fortify stamina and stamina regen- and remember to use alchemy to fortify your enchanting and smithing, as well as enchanting to fortify your smithing and alchemy

There is a perk for restoration, where healing spells not only restore health but stamina as well. One of the most helpful perks in the game I say.