2 quest glitches

The quest for the Jarl in Riften for the Skooma bust wouldn't continue after I killed the leader in the cave the Jarl doesn't recognize that the bandits are dead. Second the quest for blood in the snow won't continue after I found the necklace in the abandoned home and brought it to the house of curiosities in Winhelm. The man buys it from me and the quest won't continue, it just sends me back to the steward after I skipped getting advice from him and I can't go back.


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welcome to skyim!  i have the exact same 2 problems.........but there is so much else to do im always busy........sucks too cuz the house in windhelm is badass!! :(

I had an issue like that on Blood On the Ice as well. I waited out 2 updates and still the only thing that fixed it was a new start.

I have a glitch with Blood on The Ice as well. You guys were lucky enough to have a glitch in the quest. Mine wont even start. I can't buy the house, I can't break into the house, the dead body won't show up... FML.

Yep that's the one I had. It just told the house was not available yet.