Hi im trying to get this achievement  1 below.

Gotham Base Jumper Jump off the tallest buliding in Arkham and glide for 1 min without touching the ground.Well i know u cant fly over the walls etc due to wire on them but i found  a way but theres big giat metal gate that wont open and i cant find any way to go up etc.The part i mean is where u have the fight at main story before u go up to fight mad scientist and now i cant reamber how to get back up lol :(]

Achievement 2

Pay your Respects a moment of remembrance.Can any tell me where this is ive looked at few Youtube vids but there not very clear and dont pin point it on the map where to go.




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You need to do the 'Gotham Base Jumper' achievement from the observation deck way up high on The Wonder Tower, as far as the 'Pay Your Respects' achievement, you need to go to where Bruce's parents were gunned down, any Batfan should know where that happened, you'll see the outline of their bodies painted on the pavement behind the Monarch Theatre, a cutscene with moving music is triggered by the 'A' button, do wait patiently for the achievement to pop for you have to let the entire soundtrack play out...:-)

For the Gotham Base Jumper, there are two ways to do it:

1) Go to the highest point of Wonder Tower you can get (it should be the floor right below the room where you confront Hugo Strange) and jump off.  Dive bomb and flare continuously around the tower for one minute.  This way requires you to actually gain or maintain altitude throughout the duration of your flight so that you don't "hit the bottom" of the area and automatically grapple back up to the tower.  If you hit the bottom edge of the area, you'll have to start over again.  Doing it this way requires skill in flying.

2) The much easier way to do it is to get to the highest point of Wonder Tower and then jump off and hold back on the LS to lengthen your glide.  Fly straight ahead and hit the edge (invisible wall) of the area.  You will know you've hit it when Batman automatically does a U-turn in mid-air.  Once you can control him again after the U-turn animation is over, immediately turn him around again and hit the invisible barrier.  Keep doing this until the achievement pops.


For the "Pay your Respects" achievement, you have to find the body outlines of Bruce's parents in Crime Alley.  It's a little south of the church.  Try to find a building called "Monarch Theater" and then go to the alley behind it.  When you find the outlines of the bodies on the floor, the game will prompt you to hit "A".  Press "A" when prompted and don't touch the controller for about a minute or two.  The achievement should unlock.



if i remember right there is a ledge you grapple up to above the locked gate which allows you to access the tower again after doing the main mission.

yea i found way up dam tower never guess what lol :( i can get so far im near the very top but something is blockinjg the way its has fallen walls and fire and theres no way past this its where i went before in story mode to get that mad doctor.Ive tried to look for other way up but cant get any higher.

Thank you just need base jumper now :)

i think you have to go out on one of the beams/poles on the building and then grapple higher up.


not my video.