I like the addition of online contracts. I also like leveling my agent up to increase his abilities. This made me think....it might have been nice to have a 1v1 "spy vs. spy" (or a 4 player every man for himself deal) type scenario. Maybe two or more agents join a map and each agent has a specific, randomly generated method to execute the other players. Just an interesting thought, despite the point being moot.


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Cool idea, straight up against each other people would just run and gun, they'd need to have some rules or incentive to do the job quietly or like you've suggested a generated method that must be followed.  Love this game; an actual live online game would be awesome!

Thanks, man. I figured I'd get the usual "why don't you go pound some sand up your ***" answer from some random person on the forum but instead it's you and you were very nice. I can feel the love.... lol

I don't think PvP would work, but co-op would have been great.

It worked ok in Assassin's Creed. It would be tricky to pull off though because otherwise it would devolve into a quick run and gun match not consistent with the "Hitman" franchise.

I've put some thought into this in the past. The only way it could work would be for two players to both enter a level with the same npc target and compete to get the kill. Both players would have to select a skin from the npc characters in the map so as the other player cannot easily spot them. The rules would be that intentionally killing civilians causes you to lose; triggering an alert causes you to lose.


This would give you two ways to win, kill the target and escape or kill the other assassin then kill the target. This would take a lot of skill; first to move naturally so the other assassin doesn't spot you, and also on the flip side to be able to spot and avoid(or kill) the other assassin. Also, to keep it interesting after the target is killed, the losing player could gain a bonus by taking out the killer before they can escape.