18 Age Restriction?


Apparently on the PS3 version you can set in-game age restriction.

Does anyone know if you can do the same on the xbox one version?

Also, it is difficult to see why it is an 18?  Can anyone offer an opinion on this please?  My son is dying to play it with it being free.  We won't allow COD shooters or sniper type games (probably ever!).  Ditto GTA due to the adult themes.  Sword play and fantasy stuff probably isn't so bad, but that said we veto'ed Ryse as that looked just too brutal and shockingly violent.

What is the worst we can expect please?


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I've been a gamer for years and I was surprised at the rating. I've played the campaign version and there are suggestive themes and adult language but I would say it's like a PG-13 movie.... The occassional curse word in an appropriate context as well as some suggestive scenes. And in the online version and it is a game of finding someone to kill them lol... But, it's more like a game of tag where the player gets "killed," disappears and reappears somewhere else on the map.

I looked online and here is a good ratings description from a review site-


Here is the ESRB ratings page for all Assassin's Creed games-


I would say that it's historically relatively accurate to how Pirate's would talk and the cut scenes have blood, etc, but it's no where near a COD or GTA.

As an ex-middle school teacher, I can guarantee you it's no words your kiddos haven't heard and the content is something you'd find in a PG-13 movie.

Oh and to answer your question about an in-game restriction on the XB1, I checked mine and there is an option to turn off the blood but I don't see a way to remove any other specific things in game aside from Pirates singing relatively humorous and appropriate songs.

Also, I encourage you to check out twitch.tv and look up feeds for Assassin's Creed. There you can peek in on quick snips of the game and see for yourself.

It's an awesome game that I bought for the 360 and the One.


Brilliant.  Thank you!  The first link you provided gave an excellent summary of what to expect.  Based on that, some of the language and other content clearly isn't appropriate for my 10 year old son just yet!

Thanks again.

Had I known he was ten, I would have probably shifted my statement that way ;-)

Either way, glad I could help you find what you were looking for!