16th Prestiger thread : I cant reply so.....

For some reason I cant reply on my other thread so i'll post here ,

The guy I played with ( IIII SOLED IIII ) had no in-game rank or prestige icon and there was only a checkerboard for it on his playercard. I know that the playercards and such can be buggy so can someone else from here check his playercard and my other accounts ( I Kan Haz Pie )recent games , To see if it is the same for you as it was for me . I played with him for multiple Search and Destroy's and during all of them he had no emblem so i'm not sure about it , Because I dont think a glitch would last that long . He had I think 17days played and his friend was 15th so they might be legit and this is just a big misunderstanding.


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I doubt it. Glitched it or it prob was a glitch.

i would assume you are using internet Explorer.  Click on "Reply" and the option hides itself.  I have the same problem so I am forced to use Goggle Chrome to reply.  I also can not download photos but I can download youtube videos.  Strange but true.

Red Suns ,  Thats exactly the problem Micro$oft :L