16 GB LeXar USB not recognized on start up.

I bought a

Lexar JumpDrive Twist Turn 16GB USB Flash Drive (LJDTT16GASBNA). http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/lexar-media-lexar-jumpdrive-twist-turn-16gb-usb-flash-drive-ljdtt16gasbna-ljdtt16gasbna/10171542.aspx?path=38bbfe3d136f740fc86304007e4bf387en02



I plugged it in, configured it, XBOX confirmed it met all the requirements, and it worked just fine. But when ever I try to turn on my XBOX, it say that the USB needs to be reconfigured AGAIN! But when I unplug and plug it back in while the XBOX is still running it recognizes it just fine.
WTF is going on? I've never had this happen with any USB. How do I fix it?





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I lost everything because of this piece of garbage

I would get a new flash drive my friend

It would seem my link got messed up, I'm sorry for that here is the fixed link. Please have a look as it can really be a time saver in getting USB flash drives working.

Not all USB flash drives will work correctly with the Xbox 360. I suggest looking here for more information on getting your USB drive working. There is a known issue that some USB drives will cause bizarre and strange problems/errors to being downright incompatible.

Any solutions to this problem? I have the same issue, with an HP 8gb...I have used an identical drive for 3  years, and this one has the same issued described above. I'm getting sick of replaying the same campaign over and over.

Hey PlayerXXX  i'm sure you did but just in case, did you unplug it and plug it back in with xbox powered on?  Because in my case, it would not boot up once the xbox was powered on, i would then unplug it and plug it back in and it would boot up fine.

Actually that's not correct.  That would be silly.  I've changed the usb drive i was using and it is working perfectly.  The Lexar was not compatible for whatever reason.

I now leave my drive plugged in 24/7.

You have to unplug the drive before you turn off your xbox, and turn on your xbox before you plug it back in. If you turn off your xbox with the drive plugged in all the data will be erased

I have a similar problem with the PNY Attache 16gb drive.  I configured it just fine and copied ALL of my game saves to it.  Now the damn Xbox see's the USB drive plugged in, but treats it liked an unconfigured one so I can't use it.

I'm so PISSED.  I have 5 years and over 150 worth of game save data on that damn thing, and it seems like I'm up a creek.  As a last ditch effort, I paid $60 for EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard software to recover the raw data from my USB drive to my PC, in the hopes that I can restore it to a new USB drive.  I got the idea from this article:


Anyway, if this works then I'm going to return the PNY and just order the Xbox certified one.  It has been an expensive lesson either way.  I'm going to flip if it doesn't work, I have so many games in progress it's going to suck for me

Damn MS!  You SUCK!

That strange. But you know what  a non XBOX one. You have format it first before you sued it.

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