15x EXP Starting Tomorrow!

It's a 15x exp event starting tomorrow and any HoF wanna play and help me reach level 100 again in Gears of War 2.

Again sorry but only HoF. I need the skill and ability of people not to die and I can only get that from the HoF.


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yea sure i'm down

i might hop on and play a few matches with you mark. maybe! [whisper][whisper]

I might hop on after work tomorrow night. Played a good amount of games with CrystaLightning tonight, pretty fun. [whisper][whisper]

eff it, let's just have everyone get on this pos game again! and all start using the double whisper on here too lol. [whisper][whisper]

I'm down to play and boost my level up. Feel free to add me on your friends list and game invite for any mode. I'd like to unlock the Icy Dead People and Am I Only Dreaming? achievements too on horde. [whisper][whisper]

THAT'S WHAT I AM SAYING N1NJA!!! We shoud play the POS GoW2 untill 3 so we are a warmed up for 3 and kick a$$. I went from a level 43 to 50 in about 2 hours. YEAH BABY!

awwwyeah at muh man reinsoft using the double whisper!

and haha i'm going to get on for a bit right now mark, you better be on soon! [whisper][whisper]