14 player dom

    Well, thats not correct. It was 7 vs 5 when the match started. then wound up at 7 vs 2 and I left.


     I was playing core domination and thought my eyes were blurry, we had 2 blank spots and 5 players Rubbing my eyes didnt help. We still had 5 of 7 slots filled, and the other team had 7 of 7. I believe itwas actually 7 vs 7 right after the mathc started then we dropped to 2 players.


   Anyone seen this. It only happened once.


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There's been glitches like this since BO1. No it will never get to 7v7. The match just glitches sometimes if someone leaves or joins during the loading screen or a host migration. It makes the scoreboard bigger to compensate for it, but it will never go above a 7v5.

Yeah,I once saw 7 - 5.I was in the 5....and we won.lol

The game kinda glitches if theres like an uneven amount of seperable parties in the room, like 3 parties of 4 or something. Ive seen something like that once or twice.