14 Jan Tri-Peaks

Does anyone have the solution to either the 2nd or 3rd board.  I can get first board but have tried and tried and cannot get the 2nd or 3rd board.  One of these boards has to be winnable.


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After 6 hours of trying I finally got this sucker.  Second board is unsolvable.  After the 3rd board which is solvable I had ten 10's.  I only needed one 10 on the 4th board to win.  

Fantastic! Also in the future you should go to our Facebook page to get help with challenges:  facebook.com/microsoftsolitaire

I can't seem to be able to get the 3rd screen.  I can get down to 1 card then stuck.  Any tips?

8h, 7c, 6h, 5s, 4h, 7d, as, js, qh, jd, qd, kh, ah, 2s, 3h, 2c , 5d, 10h, jh, qc, jc, 3d, 2h, 3s, 10s, ad, ac, 8d.

Thank you very much!  This had to be the only combination I had not tried.  I thought I had done them all.