14 Febuary 2014 Spider Challenge

Holy crap this one is kicking my but...anyone figure it out yet?  Help would be greatly appreciated!


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Fun isn't it! The only way I found to do it was to get to the 9 of hearts that is showing!

Yeah if your idea of fun is being frustrated beyond belief.  I finally managed to get it done, a lot of things to keep in mind with that one.  Where is the love on Valentine's Day Microsoft???

Any hints on where I should start with this one? I was able to get to the 9 of hearts but I got stuck somewhere else! No matter how I try to do it I get stuck. It is so frustrating! Help!

Yeah, this one is brutal; have tried like a zillion times and cannot solve...please any hints would be much appreciated!

This one is just pure mean.  I just did it and this is what I remembered:

- Get to the 6H on the 8th column

- Do not touch the 7S and 6S on the 5th column

- Behind the 9H on the 4th column is a KH

In the end I finished the Hearts stack.

Hope that helps.

Thank you soooo much, Blastdabomb for your hints; finally beat this one! Very helpful and Lord knows I needed help on this one...lol!

Took about 8 hours and god knows how many rounds, but I finally got it. Thank you to Blastdabomb for the tips.

Thank you Blastabomb, I still haven't finished it, but you got me on the way.....if I could only get rid of the Jack on top of the 9h.....LOL

Even with the hint it was hard, I kind of stumbled into the solution, and then had to spend another hour or two recreating it.   I don't want to say too much more, for fear that I'll completely spoil it, but

- Make sure that you don't waste the opportunity to build a 4-3-2-A in column 2 early in the game

- Clear column 8 as quickly as possible

- The K from under the 9 in column 4 and the Q in column 6 are the first two cards in the winning heart sequence

Note also, that there is a completely different solution that someone has filmed and put on you tube.