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These forum's are dead and this game is old, but it doesn't hurt to show that you have every achievement in the game.

*Signs* (Sees this thread dying in a couple of days)


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Well, "old game" I only recently bought the GOTY version, I must say I love it and I'm trying to get these achievements to 100% cause for one, it's one of the rare games that actually stays real fun after completing and the achievements aren't TOO crazy to unlock...

Finished a while back.

I finished it like last year sometime. (:

Hi, endurianwolf, Can you help me with fable2 dolls collection achievement? I only have Teresa and Reaver dolls, need the rest.  Once you give me other dolls, I'll return them as soon as I unlock the achievement.

signed again 1350/1350

Signed again

It took me almost 2 years after this game released before I could sit down & play it fully.

I worked on the game (and the first DLC pack Knothole Island) as part of the test team at MGS, and I loved every minute of it, but I kept trying to play the game like I was testing it, so it took a while before I could just sit down & enjoy it like a normal person ;)

That said I am a member of the 1350/1350 club of course.