13 vs 3 ZDM.

I want to start up a Zombie vs Human Player-M team DM.

No peds

No Cops

No Cars just parked.

13 knife swinging bat bringing Zombies VS 3 well armed Humans.

Message me if you're down.


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I suggest putting BLIPS OFF otherwise it won't be hard to see where everyone is at.

Dang no1 like this idea or do I need to post more info ?

It has only been a few days.  You may want to give it some time, or just message some of your recent players on Xbox :)

OK so LHR D3ATHN0T3 told me he was down and said he has enough friends to get a game going anyone else want in MSG me or him on the game.

Team Death-match

Free Aim

Blips wont show up when close.

Cars Parked

Peds / cops Off

Night time


and 15 sec respawn time.

Don't forget its reg GTA.