1.3 Update

1.3 Update is now LIVE!

If not prompted, please check the store and update your app. In rare circumstances you may need to uninstall/reinstall to see the update.

Bug Fixes, dictionary update

1.3 Dictionary Update:

ade, ades – a drink composed of fruit juice
ahi – a large tuna
aspirin – pain reliever, been brought into proper usage as a descriptor, not a proper noun.
demister, demisters- device for removing frost from windshields
dongle, dongles - security device for software
exabyte, exabytes- one quintillion bytes
fae – reduced form of frae
 frisbee, frisbees – concave platic disc has been brought into proper usage as a descriptor, not a proper noun.
hotty, hotties – a sexually attractive person
poblano, poblanos – type of chili
poxy – Infected with pox
quo, quos – In conjunction with quid: an action performed or thing given in return for something
raita, raitas – cold side dish consisting of yogurt & spices
**** – tablet of drug Rohypnol
rosacea – chronic skin disorder
strobing- the action of strobe
trub, trubs – a truffle


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I'm getting a "cannot connect to Xbox Live" message since installing this update. I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled. Any ideas? My network connection is fine, unless this is just a LIVE issue in itself.

How is this different from the last 1.3 update? The update today showed 1.4 in the store but 1.3 in the app itself.

Also does this fix non working toast counts?

Could you guys please add the word email to the dictionary?

after latest update the game became slow...and the games were not opening,sometimes game is not updating (my game coloumn showing games 2-3 steps before)...