1/13/2013 for Dead Space 3?

I truly hope so, it's just speculation and a tiny bit of info to go ok but check the link http://ps3.ign.com/articles/122/1223181p1.html

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Interesting.  A little more info that gives us DS fans hope that we'll be getting a third game. 

The only thing that makes me nervous is the line "EA president Frank Gibeau commented that the company is hoping to reach a broader audience with the sequel."  This line was referring to DS2 before it came out right?  Or is this him commenting on DS3?  If the former, then no worries because DS2 turned out amazing even with the added attention to multiplayer.  When I Google searched that line, it just turned up new activity so I think he's talking about DS3 though I could and hope I'm wrong.  Just hoping that they don't do something like the change up between Resident Evil 4 & 5.  I would be very disappointed if there was a forced co-op mode for singleplayer where Isaac and Ellie played through the entire game together.  Probably never will happen, and I hope it doesn't.   Now if the singleplayer dynamics remained the same, and they decided to add a SEPARATE co-op mode, I'd be down with that.  A separate co-op mode like ME3's or Resident Evil: Revelation's, would be awesome. 

Here's Cruzin's link in lazy form.  Thanks for the link. 

I think he means for DS3 so I just hope it doesn't go too far left from what makes Dead Space great. Separate co-op would be fine but the story mode needs to stay single player. I hope they announce it at E3 tho.