100K+ XP matches availible now.

feel free to check my math for errors.


200*119=23,800 score.

assuming your team was the winner and that's another 23,800 score and that's 53,350 score

that =200K XP

assuming your team was the losing team that round that means you get 34,100 score. this= over 127K XP

now according to this link i was sent, adjusted for 15x XP this weekend, an ideal scoring match of Social KOTH boosting would equal a minimum of 111,562 XP points per match for everybody involved if everyone sticks to the rules.

if we did 60 matches then we could all have 100s.

anyone willing to organize for a weekend event tomorrow(friday, september 2nd,2011.) and saturday sign here if you want  several rounds for full ranks.

teams take turns winning and losing, nobody quits out without announcing it, nobody goes straight for kills and nobody messes up the circle.

anyone up for this? and yes, i do have gold for XBL.


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Can do sunday if you are still doing it

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