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Great game I really enjoyed it. But the controls are so awful and clunky with the A button doing 50 different things, And Sam being turned into a generic roid rage soldier with zero personality, It was like playing as some strange man child he looks old but has the voice of a much younger man. Other then these issues I loved the game :)


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Good game and maybe they are on the right tracks again after the terrible previous couple of games of the series.


The game was easier than I thought. SvM lacks depth, the story lacked character development but the gameplay was great. Definitely a step up from Conviction.

Finally I can sign this. lol

I had to go back and replay some of the Briggs missions to collect a Laptop and HVT I was missing. But since no one was online in my friends list to play with, I simply splitscreened it and controlled both characters. Probably more trouble than it was worth, but it got the job done.

Should of asked for help on the these forums :D


Must admit was on the easy side as I'd done perfectional difficulty with no kills in just over 6 hours roughly.

I was expecting a game to not be *** by the casual crowd being turned into one of the easiest games I've played.


Wtf?? This is the best SC game since Chaos Theory.  SvM is very fun with options for everyone.  Don't know what you guys were expecting, maybe you should have developed the game..oh wait..

Yeah, or the Ubisoft SCBL forums... at the hour I was playing, there wasn't many people around. Figured I'd try it alone to get it done and over with. lol