1000 CLUB

Every game's forum has its uneseful, superego, stupid "1000 CLUB" thread but this!It's time to put a patch!


Who is on the boat?

1K from Saturday, but still playing this wonderful game.

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I'm lost... :S

Nobody cares.  Go cure cancer.

I need to get Hard and Crazy in Garden Ops.  I spent too much time maxing my rank to get them.  Now I've moved on to Titanfall -which has been collecting dust.

To be honest I love Garden Warfare FAR more than Titanfall.

Me too.

Ok, since Titanfall was down all day today I decided to 1000 Garden Warfare. :p  So all I need to do now is get all the customizations and I'm done.

Luckily this achievement unlocks all levels under it.  I just beat CRAZZZY! and it unlocked hardcore too.

Unfortunately it's grueling at max rank.  You can only get 1 or 2 customizations per pack (All packs from 5k-20k).  So you basically work your butt off earning thousands of coins, to unlock 1 customization at a time. lol

This game has SOOO many customizations too! It's awesome!

Yeah I'm betting the vast majority of people are playing this vs Titanfall I've been seeing people say that all over the net. Titanfall was a great game that kind of just took you on a ride through the ending. You never really get that personal feeling that you're the hero fighting through the hordes of evil. I don't know jury is still out on the multiplayer only campaign experience. IMO it's not true co op play. Gears of war on co op...NOW THATS how you do it!

(And another thing how the heck does a Titan only weight 800lbs??! Lol)

This must be the first game where i got 1K (not that i have many with 1K..) but can't stop playing it.

I am totally addicted.


Got really bored with "tradional" FPS: not bought BF4, just played single of COD.

But PvsZ is so fresh and relaxing that it seems i can't get enough of it.

Got all achievements, now to get all the upgrades and accessories!

It's a very long road to complete stickies album: i have played +100 hours but still very far.

I am farming some money while AFK, using the minion/sunflower method: i will never finish it otherway.

what is "1000" club?   finished game (level 153) and have all pieces.  finished challenges (except one:  K'0 10 players with gatling in a session).   themarkster7   xbox one

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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