100% is 100% right?

when the recticle is white its out of range, yellow is no chance of damage, orange is 50% chance of damage and red is 100%, So how come when im aiming right at someone and the recticle is red it keeps saying "didnt go through" or "bounced right off" and whatnot, i keep not getting hits and it gets me killed i mean 100% would mean that it would hit and be a shure thing.  100% means you cant not cause damage. but of course they kill me like im nothing and i cant hit them even though its red.


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no, never depend on that, 100% is not 100% same as 0% is not 0%, you will  learn with time on where to hit a tank, and those spots always do damage[ can't see crew damage, so even if it looks to be not working, you could be taking out crew members as some spots, rounds will go right through the tank and do no damage to it, but crew.]

Its a game you gotta lean the sweet spots, if in doubt, just pound their tracks, back and fourth, side to side, keep em from moving.

Any tank can be a one shot kill, if you know the sweet spot, and any tank can seem unstoppable as you bounce every round or looks like your doing no damage. It is a dice roll game after all. a roll of the dice decides how well your doing or not. Every action is a dice roll and sometimes its all 7s or craps........

Pretty much what the guy above me said. The reticle isn't a for sure thing.

Unless you're using the Panzer III. Then, every shot is automatically bounced.

RNG can make a 100% sure shot bounce. RNG stands for Russian Number Generator; the "luck" factor in the game. RNG also gives out the damage roll of a shot when it does go in.

"Unless you're using the Panzer III. Then, every shot is automatically bounced"

I spit out my water when I read that lol, seems so true, thats why I rammed my way to the next tank, guns don't kill my tank ramming will!

I have to say the most annoying thing in the world is when the whole tank is RED meaning 100% of something happening, and its bounce after bounce.

One thing Buick350x left out was range is a huge factor and the games targeting doesn't seem to adjust for that, because in my VK. 30 IT always bounces after about 350 meters (unless a tread/track shot) But if I am closer its almost always a penetration. However ammo types my also effect your chances.

^ range can help when you get use to how the round arches as it falls, you can drop one from a distance on their rear end, instead of shooting them in the front, or drop a round behind a rock where someone is hiding......