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Woot woot! That was such a LOOOOOOONG grind! Ugh. Stupid 342k kills!


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Signed!!! 1360/1360. Now off to finish up Titanfall & BF4!

Congrats! With the exception of a couple glitchy achievements and the last kill challenge, this was a fun 100%.

gave up for awhile after the glitchy 4th DLC, I'll go back after its fixed

I should have completed it the day the 4th DLC came out. Unfortunately, the mission to burn the bio-hazard piles is still completely *** broken! I tried again yesterday and it keeps putting 4 piles back every time I reload. I burn them but it still says 36/40 every time! I am severely *** off that it still wasn't fixed! I am seriously considering looking up a phone number so I can have direct contact with someone about this. Screw doing it through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail!


Don't waste your time with email. I contacted capcom Vancouver over a week ago and still haven't heard back. May be last capcom game I buy.

39/40 biohazards and 1350/1360 achievements - 99%

wish they would fix - find the pile and stays at 39/40

I can finally say that I'm part of this group thanks to Wingman709 posting this link that I finally tried: www.trueachievements.com/.../ashes-to-ashes-achievement.htm

Follow the steps EXACTLY!

never had any problems with no piles, that 342,000 was a bit ridiculous tho

w1t1got1stand, i messaged Capcom Vancouver over 2 months ago and they only just replied back to me

15 March 17:53

Every time I try to play Dead Rising 3, I get about 5 min in then it starts to glitch out. It starts with items turning invisible then zombies and NPCs too, leaving only names above them. after about another few min walls start to vanish and textures of what is left go all blurry. Finally, if I do carry on playing I eventually fall through the floor.

I got about halfway through the game before a patch occurred and I've had nothing but these problems since that patch. It renders to game unplayable, and I know I'm not the only one! Either A. When is this going to be sorted or B. When are you going to send a cheque in the post to refund me for a defective product? And no It's not specific to any area so that's out the question. If you really want me to be more specific I can video this

Saturday 20:57

I sent this message over 2 months ago and I am just being blatantly ignored

Even after another patch the game is still unplayable, it won't even load now. Seriously, are you gonna fix or or send me a refund in the post?

Sunday 23:56

What have you done to try to fix this? One of the suggestions from the team is to uninstall the game from your Xbox - it won't delete your save file - and then reinstall it without the network connected. Doing this means you won't pick up the latest patch so you can see if the issue occurs with your plain install. If it does try installing the update - do this over night as it's a huge file - and then try again to see if you still get the issues. Please let us know what the result of this testing is.

Also you could try doing a hard reset of your Xbox One as we've had some reports that this does help too:


Chat conversation end

this is all i got from then so far, and only after i spammed posts demanding they actually read the messege