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I just want you to take a look at this


now for one I stick up for the guy appealing for reinstatment as ive had 2 of my friends become victims of this

infection mod and to be honest it completely outwits xbox live polices and in my opion

i believe such a thing should be handled with more care. as much as i want to i dont play cod 5 because of this very reason mostly on appart of getting banned by shoddy policies. just though i would bring this Logic Error to light.



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I didn't think they could ban anyone who happened to be thrown into a modded game.  If that were the case it would even be an auto-ban for anyone that even played WaW or MW2,

It's a shame to see how they have completely abandoned the older CoD games now. I adored WaW online and it's my favourite multiplayer FPS ever (im a sucker for WW2 games).

As Elite Rampant said though there must be more than we know - I cant see people getting banned for accidentally joining a modded game or lobby - since we dont actually have the choice of what lobby we join.

I believe PET has issued a warning

I like that bold part at the end. That says they know that it cannot be done accidentally. There's an intricate button string the infectee has to input to get it. So you're either an idiot, child (that probably shouldn't be playing with the general public if you're that suggestible), or a willing participant subject to permaban.  The few child situations should be given a little bit of merit, but then everyone will try to say their 4yo activated them while they were distracted.

all of the people on there are claiming innocence yet if you google their gamertags most of them are happily selling or advertising their mods on youtube or ttg.

got no sympathy for any of them.

How MP gaming is so popular is beyond me,I dont get it, I dont want to get it I will never get it.


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[quote user="Varakharne"]

How MP gaming is so popular is beyond me,I dont get it, I dont want to get it I will never get it.

[/quote]This...^...but co-op with friends is the best.

I remember seeing a post from one of the XBLPETs saying that its too hard to ban every single person at a time in a modded game so they ban all of them at once. Thats probably the reason.

For them to say that they undertsandd exactly how you get infected is rubbish, there are pretty much countless ways people can write programs to be consistently 10 steps ahead of any policies, its jsut harsh to know that innocent people get permanently banned for something which isnt in the control

You know, Chicken COOP is pretty cool and thats really the only MP gaming I can enjoy.