1 more reason not to buy MW3.

I just watched a video on Call of Duty XP (expo) and they had a little tidbit about CoD Elite. Essentially you will have to pay 100$ a year to play CoD. If you don't decide to pay for their membership, they will withold new game modes, new maps, new spec ops levels, stat trackers etc. Basically things that should be free anyway minus the maps. So CoD will cost you 110$ on day one, or 160$ if you count the cost of Live, and then 100$ a year after that (again counting Live). What I would like to know is if this idea was forced on Treyarch by Activision or if they came up with it themselves.


All I know is I would never tolerate this from another dev, if DICE went this route I would say goodbye to BF forever. No matter how good a game is it's not worth 160$ just to play it for a year, and hundreds of dollars later down the road.


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Old News is Old. Also a similary service is coming out for battlefield 3. It's free.

They wont withold anything , if you pay for elite you get map packs for "free" if not you have to pay for all DLC. Elite is basically a glorified stat tracker and thats about it , and as for their claim about meeting like minded gamers with similar skill levels to play in matches..........well you can use forums for that and set up your own ladders. PC gamers have been doing it for years.

Im not one to knock anyone for their choices but anyone who signs up and pays for elite is a mug

I think its scandelous that they are ripping people like this!we pay over the odds for gaming as it is!once you buy your hardware and and buy a game for 40 quid,that should be it!play to your hearts content!They should'nt make you pay for something that should be in there anyway!But they will get away with it cos people will pay it and this will be a new trend for gaming.which is sad.It would be nice if people just refused to pay for it but that won't happen.Telling kids they are "Elite"for handing money over!!Thats bad!I hope EA won't ever go down this route for Battlelog but fear it could happen in the future.

Call of Duty Elite has 2 tiers, Free and Premium. In the Free version, you are able to stat track and all that other stuff. With Premium, you are getting the same service but you are getting a year's worth of DLC for "free". Granted you already paid $49.99 but it's cheaper if you buy each one of them.

The same goes with Gears of War 3 and their season pass. Buy it for $30 and get 4 DLC for "free". Epic claims that buying the pass will save 33% over buying each DLC separately.

about $0.44 a day.

The fact that it is a CoD game is the one and only reason I need to keep me from buying it.  

I'm not getting MW3 considering I have BF3 pre-ordered. But I very much dislike misinformation. COD Elite is a free platform similar to Bungie.net. Even Bungie.net has a subscription cost for extra memory space. COD Elite is actually a good deal for the hardcore COD fans. It is NOT $100 a year. It is $50 a year. Yes that may seem expensive, but in return you get extra Elite features and all DLC is included. So, if Activision releases a map pack quarterly at its usual (overpriced) cost of $15 and being a hardcore COD fan, you'd probably buy it (the sales figures have proven that they are very well bought). It is already cheaper to subscribe to the extra services of COD Elite just on the content side, plus the smaller DLC items that will be included like gamemodes, weapons, etc. (something that EA likes to do is the microtransaction styled DLC which it looks like Activision will be doing too, I already hate this strategy from EA and how it hit Mass Effect 2 and you can more than expect to see it affect Battlefield 3) but again for the hardcore COD fan it makes Elite a deal. Oh and for those that spend the extra $40 for the hardened edition, they get the extra items, and a year of Elite making it that much cheaper to get in on the overpriced DLC.

You can hate on it all you want, but for the DLC buying COD fan, it is a deal. And just like all content, it is opional. Without it, you can still buy DLC at individual costs, use the new Elite platform, and of course play the game online. It's not like EA is any better, releasing things like Onslaught and SPECTACT but charging for them considering how small they are or the fact that one of them is nothing more than scripts programmed in to make a gamemode. Or the other thing I hated (which Ubisoft did with Splinter Cell Conviction) which is to release small things (already on disc) slowly along the way. Sure it is free, but don't make me wait for it.

So again, just to reiterate. COD Elite is a waste for someone like you. That's because it is not designed for someone like you. It is designed for the hardcore COD fan, and for them, it is great because it will save them money if they are the DLC buying type as well.


Well, tell that to the tens of millions of MMO players who spend well over $160 the first year to play their MMO of choice.

On the flip-side, I wouldn't want to pay MMO pricing for a non-MMO game.  MW3 is not an MMO, so why would anyone pay monthly?  That's just my opinion of course.

Call of Duty has turned into a cash cow system.

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Call of Duty has turned into a cash cow system.


And many games will follow suit.

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