1. How to pick up grenades. Noo to halo-Help-What to practice? Default Controller

I have used every search engine out there. Asking questions. The only thing that pops up is someone selling something to do with Halo. Guess its popular. So thought Id ask here. I have no idea what Im doing. Never played this type of game before. Really like campaign, and Spartan ops. But war games is addicting. I know I need to learn the maps. But Im so busy dodging nades, bullets, and welets. How can I remember where Im at? ). I think practicing some moves in Spartan Ops or campaign would help. Anyone got any good ideas. 1. How to pick up grenades before they blow up? Only in campaign. Or can I do that in war games too? Which button is it? I have the controller on default. Is this a bad habit? Thanks for your time.

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1) Practice is best in Multiplayer itself because nothing else will teach you what you need to know to succeed there. If you're having trouble aiming, OK, practice elsewhere. Otherwise, stick to MP.


2) You cannot pick up nades at all, you simply have to dodge them. They're pretty obvious, don't worry too much. Just stay away from them.


3) The controls are down to your preference. I personally use Recon controls, I believe the setup is called, because it's similar to H3's default. Many players will swear by Bumper Jumper but I have never needed it and don't personally recommend it. Try a few or think about how they'll go and pick one, then stick with it.

Multi Player. Got it.  For me grenades are hard to dodge, while watching the HUD and main screen.

Got used to infinite sprint and quick shield recharge. Now learning promethean vision as armor ability. And resupply as my Tactical package. And changed my Support Upgrade as dexterity.  Big change. Hard to get used to. Thanks

No worries.


If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask.

Question. Does jumping help, when dodging nades. Of course if its not a plasma and stuck to me.