#1 Heavyweight CoD Clan

I'm looking for some new recruits.  Here are the non-negotiable specifics.

Must have a mic

Must be 18+

Must play at least 12 hours a week

Must have positive KD (1.01 or better)

Must have less than 50 losses

We are a DOMINATION ONLY clan.  We were ranked #1 in heavyweight on Black Ops II with a 94% for wins.  So far in Ghosts, our win percentage is 94.7% and climbing daily.  We have about 60 members on the 360 and about 10 on ONE.  You will be required to run with us and only us.  Appearing offline and racking up losses with "your old crew" is unacceptable.  If you care about your KDR more than winning, no need to apply.  However, if you are willing to go negative just to capture B, send me a friend request and we can talk more.  Don't send me a message because I won't receive it (due to my privacy settings).


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I'm getting a lot of friend requests on this, but please read the criteria folks.  It's pretty specific.  Thanks,

You should sign your team up at the League of Gamers. Our Call of Duty division is for our clan members and for teams/clans like yours. We host tournaments and other events for prizes. We have scheduled our first COD Ghosts tournament for January 4th and 5th. You can sign-up at leagueofgamerss.enjin.com/TeamRegistration  

Thanks for the info.