#1 Halo Reach Clan ~ Drop Shock Brigade


-We are a professional clan not in our game style but in the way we act in game if you don't respect other players don't bother joining THAT MEANS TO ****

-Our Website is http://www.dropshock.net

-You don't need to be a skilled player to join just mature

- If you have any questions whatsoever add me on XBL KingBlazeIzRipN and I can answer your questions

-Mention that I (Blaze) recruited you this is crutial in your enlistment process

-All of the following is important and should be read it will give you a great understanding of us





What we have to offer


Medals & Ribbons

-A medal signifies a soldier who has achieved a certain requirement and has been rewarded a medal for it. Ribbons are awarded for achievements such as sponsoring a recruit, recruiting new members, winning clan matches and for being active. These medals are shown on your site profile for everyone to acknowledge your achievements.



-Promotions are given upon either the completion of training, or the achievement of a quota. Be active, loyal, show leadership, achieve merit, etc. and you may just receive a promotion.



-We are a well-organized clan with a Roster. Members are organized into divisions and more recently platoons based upon where they live, and their timezone.


What you need to enlist


In the Brigade, we run a strict operation, not anyone can join us. Read the following quota and see if you qualify.


> Must be a mature player 

> Must have access to a computer 

> Must own an xbox 360 

> Must own a copy of Halo Reach 

> Must be 14 or older 

> Must actively play the game 

> Must not be in another clan 

> Must check the forums on a daily basis


How to enlist


Before joining us, you must register on our site. 

To register, you must go to the registration page of our site http://dropshock.net/register.php and fill out the proper information, an email will be sent to the address you provided to confirmation. Once your email is confirmed, you may login with your new account and click enlists. Don't forget to mention somewhere in your enlistment who recruited you which would be me (Blaze). THIS IS CRUTIAL TO YOUR ENLISTMENT PROCESS


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