1 game category,missing 1 feature

Here's one game category you can't deny that has been overlooked. It's the only category you will find missing this feature and if I'm wrong when I say it' the only one,prove it,or should I say,name it, if you can deny it.

If you don't like fishing games, then you might as well not continue with this post,because not everyone has the same taste in games,as like anything else out there for entertainment. This post is about fishing games and what they should put it a game like that,for those who like them kinds of games.

 Now fishing games might not be at the top of every man's list,and I wouldn't say at the top of mine either,but they are another type of entertainment when it comes to video games,even if the least liked game type,it don't make it any less of a game type,but when you look at fishing video games for the xbox 360 there is one important feature every developer leaves out,which I think is most important to gamers no matter what type of game,"Online multiplayer". I don't know about you,but the online multiplayer,is why I use my xbox live,the competition,the fun of knowing you win/lose is to a human,not a computer,and I don't care what category it is, shooting,fighting,rpg,sports,simulation it's the multiplayer that gives the most excitement if you ask me. Imagine for call of duty fans, no online multiplayer,or halo fans, no online multiplayer, etc. whatever the game is that's your favorite,just imagine no multiplayer to get the most out of your dollars. Would that spoil your fun or can you honestly say you would have just as much fun without the online multiplayer,as you do with it? Not all have the same preference,but it's not fair for 1 category to get overlooked completely,while the rest have atleast 1,if not,more of it's type with online multiplayer.I think I made my point clear. What's the difference with the fishing category, that no developers have yet made one online playable for the xbox 360? They already have a hunting with online multiplayer "Field and Stream total outdoorsman challenge" where 2 players can compete online,so why is it the fishing category don't have 1 online playable title,only leaderboards which is if you caught the biggest one programmed in the game you will always be at the top and never would anyone else have a fair chance,versus multi-player it's a new match every time,which gives everyone a fair chance and not just the first to get the max size. Fishing video games are the only catgeory overlooked for the xbox 360 with not a single onlne multi-player function and I think that would be exciting if just 1 was even released like the hunting has already had 1 released. The fishing category may not be a big category,but it is another category of games and I think they should try to get a fishing game for the xbox 360 that has that feature. The orginal xbox had 1 made by Atlus called "Pro Fishing Challenge" where 2 can compete online,but now you can't play original xbox online,so they should try to get a game, even if 1, out for the 360 that has that exciting feature as the other game types. I think the rapala for kinect would have been nice for online multiplayer,since it's a like real experiece using the kinect,but it didn't. Hopefully they do develop one that's a fishing game with online multiplayer,just as they did the hunting.

Can anyone point any other category overlooked for the online multiplayer feature,other than the fishing? I only see the fishing types missing 1 with that feature. I already mentioned the hunting game that included it. We all know shooter games have the online feature and so do plenty of other game types. Name me 1 other game type you see that doesn't have any online multiplayer like fishing. My point is they have overlooked that type of game for online multiplayer and they should try to develop 1 like that for the xbox 360. I wouldn't suggest a variety because the fishing don't go anywhere near as far as shooter games like,call of duty,battlefield,halo etc. those titles go a long way,so yeah there will be plenty of them that have the online multiplayer,but the fishing should get atleast 1 somewhere, with the online mulltiplayer feature. It's another game type,just like hunting and every other type of game out there.

What's your opinion?


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Would anyone buy that now?  The best you could hope for might be a fishing game in with a party games.  Maybe Kinect stuff.


TBH I didn't read the whole thing.  Something about fishing anyway?

I suggested like any other game type,there should be a fishing game with online multiplayer. If you aren't the type who likes fishing games at all,then you wouldn't understand this post. Fishing games may not be the top choice,but they are another game type and they should have the online multiplayer,just like any other game type. Read the full paragraph above to get a better understanding.

i like fishing games. it would be nice to Fish from home on a rainy horrid day. when i cant go outside. have detailed little areas from all over. like the Nile river. collect tackle and gear the better you get or just fish up some random things that you end up keeping. like a key chain (true story).

It's not overlooked, there's no demand for it. If a company thought they could make more money off a fishing game being mp they would've done it by now. All I can suggest is that you try to find people who agree with you and send emails to companies who make fishing games, show them there's interest.

What? I passed out after the first paragraph

The demand is no excuse not to have a fishing game with online multiplayer,when even there's a hunting game and other game types that have at least 1 online multi-player game. If you don't like fishing games then you don't understand why this post exists. This is a post for those who like fishing games and think there should be one with online multi-player. The demand is a reason not to make as much of somethng,but to not make a single one,there is no honestly, reasonably,excuse.They should have at least one of that kind out there,just as with other game types and my point is as stated.Fishing games are overlooked by the industry,that's why they are the only game type to not have a single online multiplayer game,while other game types do have atleast one. The fishing types are overlooked,and they should get one out there that has that feature. Fishing games are the only category overlooked and if you ca say it's not true,then name 1 other game type that you look at with not a single online multiplayer title. I think that makes my point clear as to where they have overlooked fishing titles for that 1 feature. Just because many don't like them kinds,don't mean none do and anyone who don't ealize it's another game type,imagine your favorite kind never have the online multiplayer feature and someone saying not enough demand. There is no real excuse. Face it,they need one of it's type to have that feature,just like other categories. If you can say it isn't the only category,then name any other that don't have an online multiplayer of it's kind. You ca't say the hunting don't have a single one. You can't say shooter types like C.O.D don't have a single one in it's genre. There are multiple game types out there and the fishing is the only game type to have not a single title with online multiplayer,so they need to work on one like it. My point is fishing video games are too the only ones overlooked by the industry and whether they are a high demand or not,there should be atleast one of it'skind to have the online multiplayer,just like other game types. If you can say it's not the only game type overlooked then name another.


Not being a demand is a reason for not making one.  Why would they make a game a dozen people would buy?

Lots of games have fishing mini games in them and I quite like those.  I also am intrigued by the level of detail in them demonstrated in the fun things you can find.  I think perhaps the actual fishing games take themselves a bit too seriously, concentrating on fish which you can't wear.

Wow I thought I was being pretty reasonable and fair with my reply to this topic. I didn't realize what kind of person I was dealing with, that's my bad. Obviously the OP has no understanding of why they don't make multiplayer fishing games and he has no intention of trying to understand. He wants it so it should exist, end of story. Good luck with that.

The history channel made one actually which was a fishing simulator based upon a small fishing vessel out at sea and there's Rapala, both currently available but I can't find the history channel one for you:


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