#1 BF4 Server on XB1

Hi I'm part of http://dontrevivemebro.com/ and I'll have a server on XboxOne for BF4 (It will be abuse free server) and would like it to become the #1 place for all Battlefielders on XboxOne to go. Some of you may have played on my servers on 360. The easiest way to play is just Follow me on Xbox that way I can send out invts[View:http://youtu.be/ux7JTuvFB4g:550:0]


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Are rental servers out now for the Xbone and BF4?

I'll admit, the name "Don't Revive Me Bro" is catchy. lol

Rental servers will most likely be this month, they were released on BF3 in April

Rental servers are the worst imo. They ruined BF3 for me. Nothing like getting booted in the middle of a game when your having a great round.

^^Yep.  Sometimes giving the population too much control is bad for business, gotta tug on the leash every once in a while.

Hope i can still get a few dollars in trade

Sure some servers were bad but lots were good, My BF3 server was one of the most popular it stayed full almost 24/7

Most people loved my server because their was zero admin abuse and I had very good rotations. It really wasn't that hard to find good servers and add them to your favorite list or just play on EA/DICE servers

If you have a look at my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/dway22 you'll I'm all about helping out the community