0000 permanent double xp with season pass

Just out of curiousity.. is this  something that takes effect immediately  as soon as you purchase/download  the season pass?? or does it take affect when the first dlc comes out?   How can you tell if you have it working?  there is nothing to show us that it is there.


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yes, there is a VIP list in the menus that you pick to play in for the extra XP

AH ok thanx!!    and that MY opinion heheh!!

serioulsy though.. where does it say that?!?!  and also how come it is only in VIP?    it never said that in the advertisement for the season pass.. just wondering!



You buy the VIP Pass so it only makes sense you get the extra XP in the VIP playlists, right?

It says it on the details when you go to buy the season pass. That is where I found it. One of the reasons I decided to buy the season pass other then I would buy the maps and so forth anyways.

IMO: The VIP seems to be lagger then the normal sessions.

ok ui now it says it is VIP  seasonpass but it doesnt say it is ONLY VIP?? hehe okok.  ..  but i do notice that  it is laggier on  VIP.. the game freezes for a second every now and then where it doesnt on the other modes!

i agree it was a bit of sneaky marketing to say double xp for life but leave out the part that it is vip only playlists, where presumably players are more hardcore fans and better skilled so kind of evens out. also now makes sense why they would still want to sell me double xp because it is non vip double xp, how convoluted is that? u don't feel quite as special when everyone else in room is vip unlike with games like forza where u stand out. diminishes the point of vip status the way gow went about it imo. either way still recommending this game to my friends, especially if they are new to gow franchise.

Hey Jester  Yeah i see that they are charging ms points to get Double XP...  thats kinda odd.. usually they offer that as a special event  like in the other gears games.. i remember thay had a whole month of double xp in gears 2..and it was all tickers etc etc... thats the way it should be  in my opinion also. .. just by selling double xp shows that these game companys are nickle and diming everyone... what happened to the gold old days when gaming was whenyou bought a game and unlocked stuff WHILE you ENJOY it.. . and didnt have to worry about buying it  again just to unlock stuff!    so i agree with you!!  it is still a good game.. thought aside from that fact... aof course i wish they wold have kept the Normal horde mode  that was my favourite mode .... and gave us MORE  multiplayer maps!!  4 thats it?!?!?