000 Some things I think that should be fixed!

I know with the new update coming.. there isnt any mention on these items i think they should fix!

1- Fix the control option for the Sprint mode. allowing us to change the command to another button would even be better.  The way it is now i cant get it to come up when i want it to and then when I DONT  want it to  it comes up all the damn time and makes my screen go  like into some kind of zoom mode for a second cause of the way command  works.. I think if they put it as an actual "CLICK ON" the  LEFT analog stick  instead of pushing it forward twice would make it alot better!..   I know we would be loosing the other   NO CLIP mode thats already in that position  ..but it could be put on other button as well ,.  so thats why i think it  would be better to allow us users to  have out own CHOICE of configuration for the buttons!

2 - Do something with that BLACK strip that comes on the screen  and   and gives us alerts like  about sleeping  ONLY at night when you accidentally hit the bed at the WRONG time.  That black strip stays on the screen for god like forever  (ok  ok like 10 seconds and still thats annoying).  Why do they have to have the bar go all the way across the screen?!    There is no purpose for that as it just takes alot of the screen realestate away for just a popup  telling us that  WE KNOW it is NOT NIGHT TIME YET... DUH!!  .. alert! hehe!  They should make the pop up just  like they do with that  AUTO SAVING warning that appears on the Top/Middle  of the screen  in the  last update.. That would be and SHOULD be HOW ALL the  alerts and notices be set at..as they are NOT  in the way and still can be seen just fine!

3- And whats with all the shoddy GREEN colour shades for the Grass?!  And dont say that they are from different BIOMES  cause thats a lod of crap.. i have  in a small area with 3 different shades.. it looks stupid as he77!!    it is like that ALL over my map.. i i leveled   one whole section completely to ground level..  relayed all the stone blocks that was left behind from the mountains with  all dirtt blocks  and  when it turned to grass it looks like this really stupid patchwork  of green.  There is like 4 shades of green... ONE shade of green is  FIINE .. alot better then  makeing the grass looks dumb with all that those different shades

Ok i ranted enough! :O)






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Ok i was wrong.. when you  CLICK on the LEFT stick it changes camera view...  thats right.. i am correcting myself.   That is what  happens to me all the time i wanna do Sprinting...   i can never  get into sprint mode whe i want to cause the camera changes view all the time and that is annoying!..  I tried all the other controller layouts.. and they  still dont   give you much of a choice for the sprint mode.!

out of your three fixes you want i would only agree with number 3.  The grass messes things up they should make a creative mode option for what grass you want to use b/c swampy grass looks bad!! lol.  oh but the grass is just different biomes

it is funny about the grass  cause  one colur it rains with it.. then another colur it doesnt..so when it all patchy looking.. you got rain  and not rain  all in the same small area  hehe i have this one streak of this one shade of green that is like goes quite a  ways through my northerm half of map where cleared out the mountains and replaced stone that wa sleft behind from th mountain and replaced it all with dirt and when it  finally turned to green grass  thats when i seen that streak patch and it was like thats where it rains hehehe!! weird!!  I think it kinda dumb that they do it that way  cause it makes the ground look crappy!

I would agree with 2 and 3 the black strips are dumb and the grass is annoying

1. Fix crashing issues. Yes they still exist after the update which came after the 1.8 update. They happen even more when you load worlds which were created before the 1.8 came out.

2, Fix game saving issues. The game should take approximately 10-15 seconds to save properly. Not 1-3 seconds and you see the green line rushing though doing  a rough job.

3. Lag and connection issues. Not just on Minecraft's end but on Microsoft's end as well since they run Xbox Live. Even though Xbox Live is good and supposed to be better than PSN, it's not perfect and isn't always up (eg. xbox.com/xboxlivestatus or something) Even for us who have really good internet broadband service with open NAT and your console's even connected using ethernet port we run into lag and connection issues.

Those are the three fundamental issues.

i never seen it crash in awhile.. maybe cause of the  update.. but i remember it would crash here but not enough to really say so!..probly just as much or as little a anyother game n the market!.  But talking about the lag which i know it is there. but i think the game is trying to synch between the players as it is trying to generate the map for the othe rplayers.  as each player has to get the map details form the host!.. so that would make it laggy!  I also seen that sometimes when i am with antojer player that when i mine a block or replace a block sometimes it wont  got until like a second later  :O)  i cant really complain about that cause i dont play to much multiplayer no one really has the game  in my freinds list except for like one person and he doesnt play it much!.  So i dont experince the lag anymore  :O)

As far as the game saving issue..never had any problems with that except ONE TIME.. long time ago when i tried to load a saved mapa and it would freeze my xbox .. i thought i was screwed cause that was my main map i been working on.. sbut it is a good thing i back it up everytime i save.. so i deleted it off my harddrive and replaced it and ALL went well after that!  O)

Hey Conquer13  i see someone else agrees with me about the black strip :O)  it is just smack in your face type thing!..  putting the text on top like they have the alert for auto saveing would be perfect!

Also  another thing  when viewing the inventory  i hit the blue button sometimes by accident.. and it clears my "equipped" inventory!.. i am like SHEEET! and i have to put all that stuff back again... there should be a quick  thing saying ARE YOU SURE A accept or B cancel!  something to that effect that way you dont have to keep reequipping everything over again!   :O)  I know i Know.. Stop Hitting Blue Button!.. but sometimes it is an accident cause i am trying to select the large amount!



OMG  trhis new update  is KEWL and all that but MAN what the heck did they do with the GREEN again? Instead of  fixing the green shades, now  they even MADE IT WORSE!    If there wasnt  THAT man shades of green already, NOW there is a REALLy dark shade of green now added to the already messed up shaed   just to mess with our heads.. WTH?!  the idea was to get rid of these stupid shades of green NOT ADD MORE!!  :(  othere then  except for that black strip still in the game and the Sprint mode is still not working for me..  and of course the shades of green so far the new update is OK  so far.. but please fix them things!!!  Specialy the sprint and shades of green!  UGH!! hehe

The grass looks different in different biomes.  It won't be "fixed" because it's intended. If you really need your grass to be a certain color build in that biome. If you hate patchwork grass stop building on the edges of overlapping biomes.

well thats the thing..  it is patches all over the place.. there is not one area thats like NOT patches    thats why it is hard to get the colour of green you want   where you want it!

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