000 Green Number 1 Over Inventory Box

I decdied to give this game another try and start from SCRATCH again.  I still havent heard back from NOTCH about the  Grass/Water colours or the other issues ,either so i take it they are only in for the money and fame for themselves as it seems by the video i watched yesterday. 

Anyways I created a new Superflat world. and so far all the green is the same colour LETS HOPE it STAYS that way. I started to build anotter NEW CITY from scratch again, . and of course i cant make subways with only 3 blocks of ground level before hitting bedrock  so there is NOT much option for creating a REALLY COOL city oh well.

Now all of a sudden i got this green number "1" over my menu and i cant get rid of it.. anyone know why it is there and how i can get rid of it.. this is in creative mode where i am seeing it!?




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Grass is different colors, get over it.

If you want more room to build underground, don't use superflat.

The "1" is your level, they added an xp system.

GRASS  -  how can one "get over"  months of work to have it changed at every update?

I am using SUPERFLAT cause i dont want to have to deal with with spending more months just clearing out mountains to to make my city and have to worry about all the different shades of green and blue AGAIN!.. duhh!!..  Quite obvious eh?!

So why did that number 1 apear?!!?  how did it get there?!  and why is it staying a one?!  i am not in Survival mode so it shouldnt even  be there!  

even in creative it shows the exp . and superflat is what it is build a train station insteed. as for the grass well you need to see a doctor for extream ocd eh ?

god why are people so frippen ignorant?! can we just forget about the  grass and  superflat .. thats not the subject  about this post.. i just mentioned them just to say i am giving this game another chance.. and building a NEW world.. and WHY i am start from scratch!  I am not worried about  subway tunnels or train stations..thats the least of my worries now..  all i said in original post was that i am BUILDING A DAMN CITY. from scratch AGAIN.  and  BECAUSE i am using superflat world it WONT be  a GRAND city like my PREVIOUS one  that got all messed up with the colours. .. Thats all i said  about it  so lets drop it and get to the subject of the post.. the green number!!     the question i am asking is  HOW did I GET a one?!!  and why is it staying at a  one all the bloody time?! andhow do i get rid of it .. IF it is XP how did i get it??!  if i got it from killing something and getting its GREEN  orb.. then  and why is it NOT going to a 2  i been killing everything left and right.?!?!  duh!!!

well dont rant about stupid *** in your post if you dont want people comenting on it . and damn man its just a green number i meen how anoying is it realy ? just make a pit of lava save then switch to survival and jump in then wala its gone

god doode  chill out  man.. grow up!.. I wasnt "ranting"  about other ***. I was merely explaining why i restarted over duh,,,  thats all!!   The topic of the actual post should have been your FIRST clue!!  But hey thanx for reading my post all the way through :O) hehe!  

ok yeah thats tottaly not ranting . my bad but glad i could help :/

ok now it is a "2"...go figure..if it is an XP level indicator . then it is pretty much pointless being there in Creative mode  dont you think?  since everything has to be done in Survival mode anyways , like getting Achievements/awards  even the enemies/monsters  dont even come out  during creative mode so why even have the  XP level indicator in creative mode?!?!  it just pointless!

Now if you wanna really talk about the tunnels. .. so i cant put them in  using superflat mode.  granted.. BUT.. the thing i was suggesting to them was having some kinda of slider input or a number text input box option  when first generating your world.. so that you can adjust the ground level  when creating a superflat world.. so if you want ground level to be like 20 blocks IT WILL adjust for that and create a superflat world with  20  block deep ground leve.. (then  you can add tunnels! and what not)..!

But since that probly will NEVER happen  like i say they dont care about thier fans..  I am stuck with a  3 block deep ground level  with no roojm for subway tunnels.. ..   but on the POSITIVE note.. when you think about it.. how screamingly high i can make my skyscrapers?!?!  HAHA..

The added xp so you can enchant weapons. Use a bottle of Enchanting to get xp quicker.

Mobs do come out during the night, try taking it off peaceful.

They do care about their fans. Your getting the game update for free, stop complaining so much.

You rant, a lot.

maybe you should tweet 4j studios(since they are doing the port) op and not notch. im sure he has better things to do then here you whine anyway.

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