0 Gamerscore only on NHL 12

Hey guys,

Having a bit of a problem.

So my gamerscore is fine, my zone says recreational.......not 0 and cheater.

It works on everygame I have including dead island which I also bought recently.

My problem seems to only be with NHL 12, when I put the disc in it's like using a completely new profile, the gamerscore is reset to 0 and it tells me my gamescore is 0 and that my achievements will appear 'here' on the dashboard menu while in NHL 12. If I sign out and back in the game makes me choose an avatar as if I was making a new profile. When I play games or unlock achievements on NHL 12 they don't register.

I can connect to live, etc as I was playing my brother last night and talking to him in a party.

When I change to a different profile, their gamerscore and achievement unlocking works. 

Also this has done it from when I first put the NHL 12 disc in, it hasn't suddenly stopped for whatever reason it just registers my 6+ year old profile which I've had no problems with as being new but only for this one game!

It's not a huge problem as I can still play all the game modes, etc I just can't unlock achievements which I actually find enjoyable.

Anyone know what's causing this or how to fix it?

Thanks in advance


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I had the same issue with Grand Theft Auto IV. I still don't know what the deal was. I was able to play through most of the game, but at whatever point it decided to stop functioning and act fitting to your description, again only with that particular game. Even if I put in the Episodes from Liberty City disk, same thing. It ultimately led to me not playing GTA anymore, as that's how I track what things I need to get done.

You could try contacting Microsoft, something I didn't attempt to do, and see if they have anything to mention. When I posted on the forums, nobody replied :[

I see you have acquired 20G as of this morning. I'm wondering if you have some settings which have disabled receiving certain achievements. I have yet to get the game, so I am not able to check for myself.


Sorry just to add, even when I do something that should unlock an achievement it doesn't give me it.

I've won the winter classic as Pitt twice, hit someone over the boards, knocked someones helmet off and won a goalie fight, none of which unlock.

Whereas when I sign in using my wifes account to test everything works fine and I can unlock achievements on her account.