0 for 2 on my followers staying alive & staying with me!?!?!

So I had that Faendal dude and he fell in the river dead doing one of the theives quest.. read some suggestions about waiting 72 hrs, fast travel back to his house, go to the Hall of the Dead.. and none of that stuff worked.  And I couldn't find him in the river since it took him down and away.

I got Janessa? At the bar... and we set off to meet the Grey Beards.  She got nailed by that snow troll thing.  Did the same stuff... She never came back.  I last saved at the pub I picked her up at, but, at least I know where she is laying dead anyway.  But, I don't have any spells to revive though.

I read that if you own a house they'll show up there..  but, I don't own one yet.

Whats the solution to this??


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Those followers are dead. And not very effective. Go to the Bee and Bard in Riften and talk to the Mage there. He is a total beast. The students at the College are also pretty awesome. Magi are GREAT followers in this.


Also, followers rarely go down to anyone but you, Giants, or Trolls. So be careful!

Ahhh, ok.  I thought they've been axed before and came back.  After searching more, it seems all the revive options come from the PC version it seems.  I'll check those people.. thanks for the help.

No problem. A good armor for magi are the Armor of the Old Gods that you can get as a reward for a quest in Markarth. Or you could enchant some amour for them. Enchanting their items with more health and magic are good things to do. Then they last longer and can cast spells longer.

This is how you get em back:

1) Spin in a circle 12 times

2) Equip flame on each hand and hold down both triggers until your entire magic is gone while looking up.

3) Look straight down and fast travel to each major city. Acquire one salt from each city.

4) Go back to where your follower died. Drop each salt over where his body should be.

5) Fast travel to every city again

6) Return to where he should've died.

TADA! He's alive!

Once a guy is dead... they're dead. It's always been that way in Skyrim/Fallout 3/NV/Oblivion...

Unless it' Shadowmere (saying the truth here)

Just go to a city, wait 48 hours, buy something (anything a wooden plate is suffice) and Shadowmere will be alive where he died. I lost him once before. :(

Bantha Fodder for 2 Ancient Dragons. :(

Anyway, I did that and he was fine. I'm ain't complainin. :D

I wish Shadowmere would just reappear at the pool outside the Sanctuary.

Thats why I save all the time.  If my follower dies, I re-load a save.   I received Aranea Lenith very very early in the game after doing the Black star mission. 220 hours later I STILL have her. Did she die a lot? Yes.  Did I have to re-load a lot of saves? Yes. BUT I still have her.   :)     Its also very important to put really good armor on your followers to help keep them alive. She wears the exact same armor as I do.  And even more important, give them health potions!  Keep them stocked up with at least 10 health potions so they can take them if getting injured.

My follower is..uh... that Nord girl from Riften that nobody likes. Her name escapes me. Anyway, I made a special full suit of Daedric armor for her called Juggernaut Armor, over 1000 armor rating with health regen enchantments. Very effective. I wont even talk about the weapons I gave her... :)

Mjoll the Lioness.


I am using J'zzargo the Mage. He got hit by a giant and fly into the air. I fought with the giant for a while, only level 10 mind you, and when I was just about to kill it he fell down to earth and zapped it. It was so cool.

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