I fell asleep on Xbox Live last night and I woke up with all achievements for everysingle game complete so I hit the guide butten went to dashbord to refresh it and i had a 0 gamerscore? I use to have 8k but on this site it says i hav 39k What do i do?


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your avatar has blue skin+green hair...

i'd say profile mods have occurred and if you've got 0 GS on your console, a GS reset by MS has probably happened...this site is always a bit slow to update.

i would think back just a little bit to just before you fell asleep and try and remember the mods that you downloaded because you thought it was gonna be cool.the fact that your asking this question on the sites for games that have the most modding on them is a little bit of a give away

You cheated for the gamerscore and you've been caught. There is nothing that can be done to reverse it, just start earning them legitally to stay out of trouble.

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