...looks like there's a new sheriff

in town fellas....and he don't take kindly to your off topic tomfoolery


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threads are vanishing man....pretty soon, this will be as bland and tasteless as all the rest...then  you'll have a bunch of lonely mods policing each other to the rousing sound of crickets at dusk

Lol,There is a new sherrif,I came in here for the first time in ages the other day and somehow picked up a 3 day suspension,That's my forum New Years resolution to not get a ban this year out the window.

who cares? this is the most populated forum in the whole catalogue-and its dead-if we never came here again who cares-its like being sheriff of nowhereville-population: 2

If there are questions or concerns please fee free to PM, Peddler, myself or Scratch.

It's PhDPeddler. He's newly been appointed a mod. Like I said in my post that was deleted, typically when you have a situation where overzealous enforcement of the rules is taking place it's a new mod or someone who is policing a section they don't ordinarily police. Just like dealing with a rookie cop, especially one who is small in physical stature, is, more times than not, a pain in the *** to deal with. And no, I'm not trying to suggest anything when I say this. Just pointing out things I know to be true.


With this being said, PhDPeddler is a pretty cool guy from what I know of him. I've been acquainted with him since Socom days on the Playstation. In fact, he used to be on my Xbox friends list for quite some time until he recently removed himself, which oddly enough coincided with his appointment as a mod. Anyway, PhD is a decent fella. Give him a chance to show you.

Can't we at least keep things interesting?

indeed.  these guys blow in and out like they run the place, but there's some of us who have been here for YEARS.  I'm not saying we run the the place, but these mods should show the room some respect some respect when they come in.  introduce yourself is all Im saying.  and they ought to at least play the game they're moderating.