They've been working on this for months now. Regardless of whose fault it may or may not be I am disgusted by seeing continuous DLC dropping for PC and PS only to have xbox players be left with essentially, dont get your hopes up. Why release a game that would require a 4 gb patch in the first place? Do not get me wrong, I enjoy that game, but that only fuels the frustration.  Release the massive patch and DLC in whatever form. Paid DLC as patch ok, but the DLC should be reduced for a limited time. I don't know the solution but compensation in some form should come to current payday 2 xbox owners.


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You're missing a 't' for 'Bankrupt'.

I am aware... luckily GTags can be differentiated

Here's a link to a thread further down the line on these boards that will give you more information about the "Payday 2" DLC:




Hope it comes out for you soon.

This thread was incidental. It was intended to be a post to an existing payday thread. My apologies to anyone viewing this...

It's just another shooter wats the difference

^The difference is it's unique and you're just being a prejudice ***. Megaman is just another crappy POS side scroller, worst of the bunch.