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Please bear with me as I am not an Einstein when it comes to this stuff.  But..............I had a Zune, which I loved and which I have tons of music on my PC I used to listen to it all the time.  Now I can't play it anymore on my PC.  I know Zune is no more, but my question is.............do I just have to lose all that music I had on my Zune player and PC or is there a way I can transfer it to Xbox.  

If I can transfer it, how?

Thanks so much


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I beleive that any music you bought on Zune is transfered over to Xbox Music. If you go to Xbox Music via Xbox.com you should be able to find it. This was the case for me.

Custom, playlists and songs you have that you didn't buy on Zune and just listen to via Zune won't be avalible, however. You'll have to listen to them via other programmes, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. Xbox Music is only about streaming the latest tunes or songs you bought.

Personally, I think Xbox Music is a dissapointment. It's one step behind Zune since with that you could play any music on your PC.