Zuma Delux (arcarde game)


Does anyone here play Zuma? It's one of my favourite games. I'm struggling to complete it however. Has anyone got all the achievements?


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I bought this when it was on offer a couple of weeks ago, i'm on the last temple and struggling ! think i've got to about level 9, just seems to be really hard with only 3 lives !

It's a nightmare. I bought this as a launch title almost 6 years ago. I'm not sure, but I think there are 13 levels. (Hidden shine unlocks when you finish level 9, then an extra hidden level which I've never got far with.

I still play this game now (as you can see from my recent games) I usually play with my wife and swap controller each level or life. Could do with a multiplayer option.

Best time for level 1 is 6 seconds. Grrrrrrrr!

i'm on the last one... i can't complete it :'-( i think i've got so close but i can't figure out if it's actaully hard or if i just keep popping the balls in the wrong place coz i'm tired