Zoo Tycoon - How Do I Manage Advertising?

There is a menu that lets me research things like "Advertising" and other general management type stuff.


But I can't remember where it is.


Do any of you remember?


I've been back to my Zoo Entrance but I can't find it there.


Thanks in advance.




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Sorry Az, this is a game I still have in the wrapper - and with Ryse, Forza, BF4, COD:Ghosts, DR3 and FIFA as well it likely won't get opened anytime soon.


Good luck finding it though :)

I've got all those games and I've got to say that "Zoo Tycoon" is still great fun and will end up taking up more time than you realise.


I wasn't so sure but the clips I'd seen from others on my friends list are what got me to cave in and give it a go.


My wife was teasing me, telling me I'd bought a 'little girl's game' but as soon as she saw me playing she was hooked herself, glued to the Zoo's development, demanding we add more concession stands, hire janitors and refill the feeding trays for the Komodo Dragons.


They cover the stuff I'm looking for in the tutorial... I might have to go back and have a dig through.

Only played the demo but is good fun. One frustrating thing is I can't get the kinect interactions to work. It recognizes me but when it comes to things like feeding the animals can't get it going....???

Do you not have to go to your Zoo's entrance & then press the Y button to go into another mode?  Not played in a while so not 100% sure.

My son is playing it just now and I asked him Badger is just about right just go to main gate and press A

Thanks for that guys.  Especially Badger!


As for getting the Kinect to work, pay attention to a couple of things.


The Kinect will show you where you are in it's field of vision (it shows a triangle and your position in relation to the camera in that triangle).  Sometimes you might have to move back in case it thinks you're too close (i.e. Kinect is registering you right at the top of the triangle).


Feeding the animals is done with your downturned hand making a fist, then upturning the hand and presenting an open palm.


Keep in mind the position of your Kinect camera and make sure it can see the top of your closed fist and the top of your open palm.(i.e. don't hold your hand too high or Kinect can't register what you're doing because the part of your hand it's looking for is on the blind side of what it can see).


Hope that helps and makes sense.  Let us know how you get on.



Found the kinect a bit hit or miss but it may have been the position it was in.Moved it now so will definately have another go.

From what i played it's definately a great little game & a nice change of pace.