Zoo Tycoon: HELP?!?!?!?!

Anybody have this game and know how to give your animals medicine when they are sick??? Also how to restock the concession stands???? For both of them it says "Get a buggy at the main entrance and deliver the medicine/stock" and when i do that there is not anything in the buggy or an option to give medicine or refill stock


Please help!!!!!! Lol


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You need to hop into the buggy and do a check point race around you zoo, a symbol should be on the floor right near the buggies

is this game worth it and is it only Kinect or can you use a controller

You can use a controller

Having the same issue, and how do you help sick or injured animals?

I have the game too!!! I love it, especially with Kinect. Frontierar or the game developers, also made Screamride for Xbox. They're awesome at simulation games for Xbox. The Zoo Tycoon forum section on this site, is pretty much dead, so can understand why OP posted on the busiest forum section on this site, here.

There hasn't been an Update for this game in ages! Maybe feed the animals and make sure their enclosure is clean and the biome is suited for the animal. Also have zoo keepers and maybe a research thing (I can't remember the exact name, I think it helps zoo animals have babies or something).