Zoo Tycoon - any good?

Was gonna get this yonks ago, but completely forgot about it. Anyway, I've got a tonne of GAME reward points to use up and was thinking of grabbing it and just wondered what it was like from those who've played it?



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Brilliant game in my opinion mate and something a little different for consoles.

I only just started it properly myself over the last week or so. When I first started played I did think there wasn't much to it, as you get in a little further though you actually realise how much there is to it, whether it be from the up keep of your animals, to the finances of your park, researching, advertising, keeping your guests happy with entertainment, food stands, gift shops.

The great thing for me though is how easy it is to get into, even though there's loads to do it really is a case of, easy to play, hard to master.

Not tried them myself yet but there's co-op modes aswell!

I highly recommend it especially if your a fan of games like Theme Park.

^ Cheers lofty!

I've actually just picked it up, so will give it a go tomorrow - loved the previous games and just fancied something a bit more laid back!

Definitely a game you can chill out to.

Well saying that, until you build your zoo up and have the ability to hire extra staff you do need to keep going around and cleaning up after the animals, they definitely eat a lot so you can imagine there's a lot of waste to sort out ;)

^ haha! so long as the monkeys don't start flinging crap in my face, I can handle it : )

Fantastic game.

I picked this up after watching a few Upload clips of friends who had it.

When I loaded it up my wife spent 5 minutes taking the *** out of me for having bought a "5 year old girl's game" and then promptly spent the next 3 hours backseat driving my Zoo, insisting I get this animal and that animal, checking insisting I respond to the growing need for fast food and better decoration.

It's great because it's very pick up and play.  Easy to manage if you play through the tutorials so you know what's going on.

There is a "Unlimited Mode" that gives you access to everything from the start with unlimited resources.

I'd recommend you give that a miss.

Play the "Challenge Zoo" modes which basically challenge you to set up and run a Zoo in a set location.

You'll easily whittle away loads of time on this and like Lofty said it's a great distraction from the regular diet of shooters and racers on the ONE.

You'll have lots of fun and if you add me I'll send you a Giraffe.

^ Sounds good - Cheers Az!

Its a very good game and as mentioned very relaxing and stress free, there's a cheevo if you can scoop enough poop lol

^ Now i'm tempted to just let my animals crap everywhere without cleaning it up just to see what happens!

Only played a bit of this as BF4 seems to take all my gaming time right now, but I'll echo what the others have said - there is a lot more to this game than you would imagine and it's all good fun while playing it.

Great game, only problem I have with the game is it doesn't take very long to fill the zoo up , so you can't really have a variety of animals, other than that its brilliant

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