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You might be aware, or found out about, our awesome reputation amongst the Xbox community and want to join either as a guest from a different clan or become part of ZfG as a playing member. Then you inadvertently stumbled on what is a little gem of a community (if our current members do say so themselves.) While youre here, you might as well take the next step and pop over and have a look around the visitors centre on our site..... Www.ZimmerFrameGamers.com ..... If you like the feeling you get from the place and you're looking for a few friends to play with or play in some competitive leagues, then step right up, sign up and get cracking


So whats currently happening on the ZfG scene
For those at ZfG which wish to have that competitive side in gaming there is currently a very busy schedule. We have no less than 6 different squads taken part in the XBCL and WGL mixed modes and snd leagues. Also for the football gaming fans we take part in the very popular XFL pro league which has just joined forces with WGL this season. From time to time the squads on the site get invited to many different competitions ( Such as free4alls , 3vs3 and domination Cups ) For those who want to take part we try our best to take part in as much as possible to provide everyone the chance to play and join in....


Current Competitive leagues

  • XFL - Fifa 11
  • XBCL - Black Ops league
  • WGL - Black Ops Mix & SnD leagues


What else do we provide our visitors and members on the site ??? With there being a large member base atm youll find many different types of games being played every single night. You can find a events list of games we try to keep on the site, but ul find people get parties setup and games goin of there own accord aswell. Racing, FPS, Fighting, Strat and kinect games our but only a few game types ul find happening right now. If u watch this thread ul find weekly events news on the week to come.


Find your latest ZfG news in a few different places

  1. On Twitter #Zfgamers
  2. Www.ZimmerFrameGamers.com
  3. Right here on the Xbox Forums
  4. And in League sites we our currently in


So what you waiting for. Jump over to our site and signup on our applications and enjoy the fun, mature, friendly banter. Take note though we run a strict 18+ age limit. If you want more details on our ever growing community then pop over to the visit section of the site. Hope to see you soon and possibly get a few games will you....


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There's a host of great games lined up for next week over at ZfG.

On Monday we have Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

On Tuesday we have a Black Ops Zombie Night.

On Wednesday we have Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

And on Thursday we have Borderlands.

So what are you waiting for; come on over, join the premier Xbox community and get ready to enjoy some great times.

Thanks for getting this up Vanquish :)

I cant say much more than the boys already have so just have a nosey at the site and see what you think.

Look forward to seeing all you new members soon!

Good group of guys, play well in WGL too :) Good luck next season and good luck with recruitment.

Havok And Kaos


We try and please as many members as possible , offering both the competitive side of gaming and the more casual side of gaming.

We hold game event nights not just for new games but old games as well , getting the most out co-op and earning lots of xp along the way.

So come check us out and see for yourself :)

U + ZfG = Awesome !!

come on people, lets be avin you. all new uploads and tweets on twitter and the forums.

check out our cod and fifa vids. add your own.

if your unsure, feel free to pm me for a chat

Cheers mate, we will have to organise a friendly scrim soon Thanatos.

ZFG Streamed LIVE

Thanks to zChrysalis and his newly purchased equipment, ZfG started broadcasting live public cod & fifa games today. Feel free to pop over and watch zChrysalis and the crew on his channel >>> http://justin.tv/zchrysalis <<<  ZfG will have its own channel soon that all members will have access. Keep an eye on the site and find live shows straight from the ZfG chat page...

Played with some of these boys n girls yesterday on Black Ops. Good fun and friendly folk.

Outkast Gaming (OkG)

Was a gud laugh foxen...  Gotta get a few scrims sorted or mayb a friendly mixed lobby

Are you fed up with shooting people ?  If you are and fancy showing off your fighting skills please join some ZfG members on Thursday 26th 8:00PM for our  Mortal Kombat Night.

You can register on our site at www.zimmerframegamers.com , then just click on our event calendar to bring up all whats planned and going on for members , just click on Thursday 26th and all the info for our Mortal Kombat night will appear before your very eyes :)

Or you could just send me a message over xbox live to get in on the action , hope to see you there :)

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