zavvi day one edition

Ordered my console from zavvi on June the 1st priced 399. It was a day one edition with FIFA , 2 weeks before launch its now changed to normal edition being sent a week after launch. Microsoft need to stop showing this awful company as reputable seller . they didn't even let me know. I will never use them again


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Dude, I think many a virtual kiss my be coming your way............

Fellas, I have done a little digging on this one and to make a long story short, if you have any questions about a Zavvi order don't bother emailing through their internal system. The people answering are not giving the right answers. Zavvi do not have a contact centre or phone number but you can get the answer you need by calling their ebay outlet on 08442439088.


It worked for me. Just explain your question politely and ask for help and you will get it.


They are shipping via standard delivery on Wednesday and by next day courier on Thursday due to volume. Cash will be taken from Wednesday onwards.

Davee Cee

if you used your credit card and got proof you ordered a day 1 edition, DON'T OPEN the box when you get it. contact  zavvi  and tell them you ordered a day 1 edition not a regular, if they won't take it back contact your  credit card company and tell them you didn't get what you ordered so you don't have to pay the bill. usually on the back of the bill there's a form to fill out for it.

Who knows what is going to happen with Zavvi orders, I am not sure you can trust any communication their general staff send to you.

I communicated with some senior people their and all I know is they messaged me to confirm that I will receive the day one edition.

I don't really care if it is a day or two late as long as I get it but I am not so sure I will even get it.



Zavvi took all the virgin megastores over, and were using the same supliers as woolworths. Using only one supplier may not be the best idea for any busines. As a result woolworths and Zavvi both disapeared from our High Street, never likely to be seen again. In 2009, is relaunched, unfortuantelly it is bought by

This was a clever market ploy as the hut was getting many bad reviews, Zavvi didn't have many bad ones. Apparently the website and the warehouse do not communicate, which can be futsrating for customers.

I have made a mistake using the hut before, and waited ages for a dvd. In the end I gave up, and tried to find the dvd for a similar price. I tried play,com and one of their traders (ZavviOutlet) had the dvd at the same price. So in hope I ordered the dvd yet again. I paid for it on the 6th of October 2012. It is now the 13th, still don't have it. I have had an email response telling me, my order has been posted. For some reason I can not trust what they say.

I would reccomend reading reviews first, wish I had

this is a review online it said here that the website do not even communicate with warehouse haha. So they might have it in stock they might not. Ill eat my hat if it arrives Friday. Bad thing is ive asked someone to book the day off and wait. Its not fair for that reason alone  

Id like to know where the nearest zavvi warehouse is to me, so i could drive to the place and demand my xbox be given to me! Haha

That's really good to know. I, Touch Wood, have had a really good time with Zavvi over the years. So fingers crossed dudes.

@Twistedflax Sorry never noticed that!  The whole thing has been hideous, customer services won't even state I have a Day One edition, despite the September email we all received. I think  Zavvi haven't received stock yet and customer services trot out whatever they feel.

The good news is last year they got my Wii U to me for launch despite only sending it out at 7pm the day before.

@Scage that has been their release date since the 21st May. I can't believe we keep getting different emails. I was told again today that once they have stock they will send it. I just want to know when it's gonna arrive.

I emailed  Zavvi today because my order (placed 21 May) is showing as dispatch on 30 November. I was told that "unfortunately due to high demand this is the earliest your order can be dispatched". I take a tiny bit of comfort from the fact you've been told something different.

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