Youtube on IE to full screen

As titled, how can you get the Youtube on the Internet explorer to go full screen, if possible?

Yes, I know there is an app. Unfortunately I prefer not to use it.


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Because the Youtube app has no volume control and it is too loud even on the smallest setting on my tv.

And I don't have a receiver.... and I don't have Kinect ...

Nevermind. Good job the controller has a 3.5mm jack for headphones :D

Try using Kinect and the command "Xbox Show Full Screen Video".

Works on some content but not all.

Just get the youtube app. Who uses IE on a console? Probably older people who are old school. Most of my friends watch videos on youtube not IE, for xbox. As for volume, you can adjust the volume on every TV. As for IE i prefer uzing it on my PC.

Ahhh yeah i read your other post lol

Hi Jay

Because there is no volume control!

It is still too loud, even with my TV settings.

On the xbox one I mean....

Pretty sure the app is the only way and is there a reason you dont want to use it