YouTube HD Problem?

I know this app can handle HD, but how do it turn it on? I mean I have a 40 Mbps Wireless connection, more than enough to handle HD Streaming, and I do have an HDMI cable, and it also seems Netflix is having issues, I hope a update comes along and fixes this. Until then, I will try to enjoy this :D


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I was able to view videos in what looked like to be full HD. Are you sure the videos you were watching support HD?

By default the videos try to go to HD so either the video doesn't support HD or its having problems playing it in HD.

I'm having the same issues. All my videos appear in SD, and I have HDMI and a good enough connection to be able to play HD videos.

Also, the videos I am testing on I know are HD, as I've even tried to watch my own uploaded videos on YouTube that are 1080p.

I have the same problem dudes :/ my connection is 40mbps and 1,6mbps 13 ms PING and sometimes the videos in Youtube cant handle in HD!! :(