Your Thoughts/Predictions On AC3 - Possible Spoilers For Previous AC's

Ok, ive been looking around the web at peoples different predictions and consiparcy theorys etc. as shaun says, the masonic eye and phrygian cap are seen in only one place, well i believe it is on this document -


Now, here comes the interesting bit. i recently played through AC2 once more, and i turned the subtitles on as someone said something important comes up, well, it sure does. subject 16 is rambling about "she sees the knife" , "i raise the knife" , "im sorry lucy" now, these words mean little in AC2, but come the ending of brotherhood, well, it all makes sense. so does this mean AC3 is set in a futuristic time? and desmond is himself a memory, reliving further memories? who knows


Annother piece of info is that lucy could still be alive. remember The Old Guy , Al Mualim , well, remember he stabbed Altair? and then afterwords, he only gave the effect of death, see death, feel it etc, but not actually dead , that could be how lucy is revived.


So What Do You Think ? Will AC3 Be set In the Past In France, Or A futuristic setting as show in the truth in AC2?

Your Opinions will be interesting to read, especially theorys as to what the series means etc.



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Revelations will be the big set up for AC3 that is a definite


For me, the Assassin's Creed series has always been of 3 parts

1) The story of what Asbtergo Industries has been doing over the years to shape the world to their desires and will


2) The story of which Assassin they are trying to tell, Altaiir to being with then Ezio of which we have lived through his whole adult life in ACII Brotherhood and finishing in Revelations and finally


3) Desmond....he is the means of which they have told the story, but from the ending in ACII and in Brotherhood Desmond has finally taking up his role of the main character in the story....with the events of Brotherhood kicking off the next part in the story of Desmond, we have seen him as the lab rat, then the student using the Animus to "blend" and learn all the abilities he needs to be an Assassin, and now in Revelations we will see him coping with the ending to Brotherhood and what he must not do in the battle against the Templars especially as he now has a piece of Eden..the Apple, although this seems to have taken a whole new twist of its own.


As for locations for AC3.....well it all depends on what reason Desmond will have to go back into the animus....the remaining parts of the ending to Brotherhood left them looking for the locations of the Temples, left behind by the race who created the pieces of eden and indeed according to the Truth Videos, the human race. Subject 16 does seem to have more information about what is going on with the Truth Videos which need to become part of the main story then just extra endings to the games.


IT certainly is going to be an interesting ending to revelations, and to those who have not played the games for whatever reason, they are worth playing through just for the story alone, its one of the deepest richest story lines in Gaming today

Have absolutely no idea where it might be set , or how the story is going to develop , one thing i do know is i`m looking forward to this game , just a pity  Ubi had to tag on a crappy MP for the last instalment.

One things for sure - the story in assassins creed is without doubt the most mind achingly convoluted plot in videogame history - I recently completed 'brotherhood' and in regards to desmond stabbing lucy, i think her blood contains some kind of genetic key(code) that can be used to unlock a sixth sense that is needed for gaining the full powers of the ancient ones and thus understanding the full truth, and carrying out whatever plan the ancient ones intended for desmond to accomplish - if you listen to what the juno hologram says in the temple, it becomes a bit clearer - as for the setting for AC3, I expect at least part of it to be set in the city seen in the truth video, which although looking futuristic is clearly set in the ancient past - I think     [8-)]

I think it will be more of the same repetitive drudgery I lost interest in in AC:B.

I cannot wait for it. AC:B was a bit of a let down and should of been DLC only. The ending to AC:2 was fantastic!

I cannot wait for AC:3!

ACB was just fine as a stand alone title......storywise it moved it ahead quite nicely and the story of Ezio is very compelling

Having read the Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade book by Oliver Bowden, it definitely suggests Al Mualim was killed off. With that said, people are saying parts of the story shouldn't really be taken as a canonical, after it passes the ending of the game. However, it's intriguing to see the different views everyone has. That's probably one of the key reasons I enjoy the series; everyone's views are different as to what everything means, and every view can be backed up. The game has an absurdly detailed story. The OP raised an interesting point by bringing up the UDHR; it was created after the horrors witnessed in the Holocaust. Would it be possible that Assassin's Creed III has something to do with Israel? This is just an idea that entered my head.

May well be.

Could the city seen in the truth video be atlantis - some of the myth's bare certain similarities