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I am always curious about this. I like to know what people think about gamerscore. Do you think it adds more to the game for you? Do you try and get more gamerscore?


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Take a guess?

In all "seriousness" (if something can be said about it), it's simply a matter of personal "reward". Do you try for everything just because so? The Gamescore in the end really doesn't mean that much other a lot of played Games. Some Achievements on the other hand can be quite different.

Hum gamer scores are really there to give gamers a false sense of “You’re getting something.” when you really are not. On the other back of the hand it is a way to allow you to work toward that all might high of that big gamer score over everyone which only one gamer holds today.



Otherwise, gamers play games for different reasons for myself it a way to past my time until I wait for that big last day before I am called to the higher power in the sky. My gamer score is nice to see knowing I have played many, many games through the 5 years on Live freely giving my money away like water but what else will I d with my money spend it on a female…not !



I like the gamer score, makes me work toward the big score over all IF the GS was taken away I might play less games same goes for the Achievement hunting I want what I want, what I pay for…If I wanted to play games for the love of a game I would stick with poker every Saturday night where the house margins are higher than my gamer score. In ending, you seem to like fishing allot try fishing for Tuna you might get a better answer.

I dont mind gamerscore but i sure dont go out of my way to get the 1000 or more. I actually prefer avatar awards.

I like gamer score but it not something that I use to determine whether I play or buy a game.  I just see it as a little extra.  Also it's something that I can look back at and see my gaming history. For example, it took me two years to get all the achievements in mass effect 2 and I played mass effect in January of 2011 and 2012.

I think its a fun competition amongst my friends and I. But I do find it humorous when people are like, "wow what a loser, look at his gamerscore" and I would respond saying: Im sorry I play more games than just call of duty. Burrrrn.

Ive had the same Domuhnic. i then proceed to notify them that ive been on Live for just under 7 years and to do the math. In general they then seem to have less to say.

I looooove gamerscore i jut like to mae it as high s i can. i dont go out of my way to do it though just enjoy the games i play and try for full mrks allthe way

I love gamerscore and unlocking achievements. It's fun to compete with friends. A real good friend of mine is ahead of me by 2300 gamerscore. He rubs it in my face often, but I'll catch up eventually.

Love achievements, hate gamerscore.


Adding a numerical value to achievements added an importance to them that they do not deserve.

I think it needs to be standardized.

some achievments are too easy, too hard, can't unlock them, some games have more then 1000 because of DLC also..

originally, gamerscore was meant to be or rumored to be a reward for a future expansion on live.

gamerscore could have been an awesome way to reward gamers.

imagine if you could buy DLC with gamer score, say 1000 points for an 800mspoint DLC.  people who played the most would get rewarded for their skills.

it would be a great answer to the PSN+ problem.

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